We Believe in Building Traditions

At Hewescraft, we build the premier aluminum-hulled fishing boat because we believe that quality is the perfect foundation for building family traditions.



We don’t just build boats for a father-son fishing trip. We build them with room for the grandkids too. After all, they’ll be teaching their own kids how to fish out of the same boat some day.



Hewescraft is the #1-selling boat in Alaska and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Why? Our heavy-gauge, all-welded aluminum construction is 10 times stronger than fiberglass so your boat can last for generations.



Our family-run company knows the value of ensuring your crew is comfortable and safe on every journey, whether it’s in a freshwater inlet or on the open sea.


At Hewescraft, we don’t just measure our performance by the number of boats we build, we measure it in years. And for almost 65 years, Hewescraft has set the standard for reliable fishing boats. To us, that means we can look forward to 65 more.